Global Mind-set

At TrainTracks, our multi-disciplinary team of skilled enthusiastic professionals brings together a wide range of expertise across PR and media fields. Our experience overseas and working with large international corporations gives us a worldwide perspective on each of our projects. It is an invaluable tool for handling the cultural and communication challenges presented by an increasingly competitive global market.

Global x Local

Many our staff have experience working for multinational organizations and are very aware of the subtle differences in communications, business customs and cultures between Japan and the world. We understand the need to bridge this communication gap.

Specialized x Comprehensive

Our diverse staff are skilled in a variety of areas that include marketing communications, PR, web production, and event production, and they have all established solid local and international business networks. They apply their skills and experience to providing optimized multifaceted solutions that best meet each of our clients’ unique requirements.

Consistent x Flexible

While possessing and applying numerous communication tools to enable us to optimize synergies, we also navigate clients through the journey to their overall goal, adapting and evolving tools and skills as required to achieve success.