Marketing Support

Integrated Marketing Communications

TrainTracks applies a complementary holistic approach on marketing communication tools, online and offline. This blanket campaign strategy concentrates impact on the consumer and converts economic investment into maximum profit results. TrainTracks facilitates and supports this process at every stage, and has specialized partner resources to cover any extraordinary contingencies.


TrainTracks adopts a horizontal strategic communications approach across myriad marketing and PR communication channels to build comprehensive market cover for maximum results.

Common Scenarios

  • A client requests an external evaluation to assess the best use of a limited marketing budget
  • A foreign company‚Äôs internal marketing division is struggling to react to changes in the Japanese market in a timely manner
  • A company has an integrated brand but this is not being cohesively projected through PR, advertising, and web sites so the brand message is being diluted

Business Items

  • In-depth consultation to develop an effective integrated marketing strategy
  • Consultation on communications activities focusing on key publicity schedule points
  • Coordination of all communications activities such as PR, advertising, online promotions, etc.
  • Introductions and proposals from TrainTracks alliance partners
  • Specialized support for foreign companies planning market entry into Japan