Launch PR

Press Release to Publicity Event

A professionally handled press release is likely to attract media attention. And TrainTracks knows that this is an ideal springboard for further publicity through timely press conferences, editorials, and scanning current news items for ‘tie-in’ articles. TrainTracks media experts will take a press release and create a publicity event — maximizing exposure for the client’s benefit.


The TrainTracks team plan and coordinate the ‘ripple’ effect of a new product or service press release to create, far reaching marketing exposure.

Common Scenarios

  • A client has an exciting new product but isn’t confident that a press release will create sales
  • A new foreign entry company wants to create a media “buzz” for its as yet unknown products

Business Items

  • Planning and implementation of strategic PR activities
  • Planning and holding media events, such as press conferences or briefings, obtaining one-on-one interviews with target media
  • Coordination with the PR representatives of a foreign firm’s Asian office, etc.