Online Marketing

Harness the Power of Online Marketing

Product/service launches and developing product/service recognition and loyalty have become more effective and efficient through specialized website management. Online marketing and promotion plans are cost effective, and can realize multiple objectives simultaneously. TrainTracks applies all available opportunities to achieve market advantage for its clients.


TrainTracks provides comprehensive online marketing plans from conception, to development and implementation, with ongoing analysis and maintenance.

Common Scenarios

Online Marketing
  • A client wants to launch a new service into the market and needs to do so as quickly as possible to ensure ROI
  • A client’s brand messaging and pitch is not consistent because pamphlets, business materials, websites, product labeling etc. have been developed independently as needed by different departments
  • A client wants to publicize the new features of an established product to drive new sales and encourage previous customers to repurchase
Online Promotion
  • A client wants to conduct a product recognition promotion campaign online
  • A company wants to develop an online approach towards strengthening sales promotions

Business Items

  • Planning and implementation of online marketing activities
  • Construction, operation, administration and maintenance of corporate websites
  • Planning campaigns for business website launches
  • Sales promotion campaigns
  • Preparation of proposal materials for partners, external parties etc., pertaining to promotion campaigns