Marketing Supportmore

All aspects of marketing and related activities supported and customized for clients’ needs

Online Marketingmore

Planning, implementation and promotion of client websites to increase traffic and potential sales

Market Entry

Research and planning for strategic market entries into the Japanese market — long considered a challenge for foreign companies

Building Brand Awarenessmore

Successful implementation of strategically planned CI/VI, website, sales promotion materials, with applicable communication tools to meet client goals


Partnership Promotionmore

Identify client partnership opportunities for joint PR and promotional activities, creating synergies leading to mutual cost and publicity benefits for all parties

Online Promotion

Preparation and production of online promotions to increase market recognition in conjunction with website production and secretariat functions

Event Promotion

Creating cohesive plans for PR events ensuring maximum target attendance

Product Placement

Product placement in TV shows and program segments creating prestigious recognition connections

Public Relations

Corporate & Product PRmore

Strong PR campaigns to drive brand awareness building, sales, and consumer confidence creating “a brand I can trust”

Launch PRmore

Corporate, market entry, product and services launches demanding professional PR tools for success

Event PR

Comprehensive strategies for successful PR events, press conferences and launch/opening ceremonies, and maintaining a positive control on publicity output

International PR

Specialist strategies to promote international PR activities, for Japan-based companies/entities, including access to international media


Website Productionmore

Corporate website design and content, specifically constructed to appeal to the Japanese market

Catalogue, Booklet, and Advertisement Production

Advertisements and commercial literature, informative and aesthetically appealing to the Japanese market

Video Production

Design, creation and entire video production tailored to transmit a clear message to a target audience


Concept management and organization of exhibitions or booth within an exhibition