Building Brand Awareness

Integrated Branding Solutions

Branding across products and markets is cost effective and enables new products/services to leverage the success of established business models. Integrating branding solutions increases branding impact and recognition. TrainTracks create communication tools that connect with customers through multiple channels to re-enforce the corporate message.


TrainTracks adopts a horizontal branding approach across myriad marketing and PR communication channels to build an integrated branding solution for maximum results.

Common Scenarios

  • A client wants to launch a new service into the market but needs to do so as quickly as possible to ensure ROI
  • A client has a problem of its communicational messaging and tone is inconsistent as pamphlets, business materials, websites, product labeling has been developed as needed by different departments
  • A client wants to publicize the new features of an established product to encourage previous customers to upgrade and drive new sales

Business Items

  • Comprehensive integrated strategies for brand design and marketing
  • Production of pamphlets and other sales promotion materials
  • Communication activities to increase brand recognition of products and services